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Creole love evolved January 1, 2012. The birth of Creole Love is a result of a compilation of things but most importantly, it represents a remembrance to my mother, and my grandmother, it is my heritage. Creole because that is a part of my lineage, love because it is what I strive to embody each day of my life – one in the same.

I have long been a connoisseur if you will, of body butter. My original plan was to learn everything I could, purchase the highest quality products and begin offering body butter through my online store. From there, the idea of a complete “experience” surfaced and as a result, candles and massage oils were added.

I did not stop there. What would all of these wonderful products be without sharing them with the one you love, one of God’s most precious gifts – thus emerged, ‘The Jacques Collection’. A line of men’s scented body moisturizer and candles. Jacques [pronounced ‘zhahk’] was my Creole great grandfather’s name. A strong yet humble man. My idea was to develop masculine scents and packaging to appeal to your everyday man.

Creole Love Products are made with high quality ingredients to include, pure unrefined shea butter, pure oils – sweet almond, jojoba, olive, argan and coconut along with a bouquet of fragrances. I hope that you will appreciate and enjoy these collections as much as i have enjoyed making them.


The origins of Creole “people of color” also known as “gens de couleur” date back to the 15th century, Senegal Africa and even before.

The Brazilian people first coined the expression in the early 16th century. The Spanish adopted the word “Creole” to denote their own, who were born in the new world and the French, later copied this word from the Spanish. From this successive use of the word it somehow came to denote Creole people from Louisiana.

After Napoleon’s defeat in Haiti, many white people and free people of color fled the island for refugee in Louisiana, Cuba, and the tiny Caribbean islands. This intermixing of races and cultures produced what we now know today in Louisiana as the offspring of genes de colour/creoles.

The people are mine…les creoles: every bit of the French, the Spanish, the African, the Caribbean and the Indian in us.

This business was formed because of all the characteristics of what creole love is to me and what was taught to me — it is passion, it is tranquil, it is acceptance, it is genuine, it makes your heart smile , it is  forgiveness, it is sometimes beyond comprehension, it is unconditional, it is forever.

It is Creole Love.

Thank you for supporting Creole Love Products & The Jacques Collection

“Journey Into Paradise”

Source: http://www.frenchcreoles.com/CreolesWeAre.html


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