I swear that this stuff is so hot that it must pop the buds it touches; I could eat anything and not even have an aftertaste after these crystals… I just hope that the taste buds grow back because I miss the taste of my other hot sauces…, “But this is the hottest element known to man”, Wrong, sorry to be picky but it isn’t an element, And your point is? pot of chili……. The Brag. half a loaf of bread almost a gallon of milk and 3 tons of ice water and it still burned. Learn how your comment data is processed. Eventually I tried it on my tongue… four times infact… it was pretty hot, but I’ve had much hotter. Nobody is buying it for taste! I love hot food… and when I say hot I mean HOT… I’ll crush up whole habaneros and eat them, but I would not touch pure cap if my life depended on it. That’s why you can try some of the hottest sauces and be okay the next morning, but eat half a bottle of a medium-high heat natural Hab sauce and you’re cryin’. About Us … the only shame is spoiling the bottle by opening it. Sounds like we have 2 more generallee’s….lol. It’s pure cap, in its powdered form. I’m sure as it gets closer there’ll be more posting on it. . Still in pain. Goodluck on that , I hated to break the seal, now I need another bottle to display. And also to everyone who is worried about people putting this in someones food as a joke or a cruel prank (as someone said “That is a bit scary that someone could do that, like hey this is my last day at Taco Bell I’m going to slip this stuff into everyones food.”) I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that anyone who will plunk down 200 dollars to play a joke or get revenge has other issues… and anyone who knows about the product at all knows how serious capsaicin is and why it wouldn’t be funny. Blair’s 16 Million compares to Tabasco the way a bottle rocket compares to Nagasaki – NY Post May 4th, 2005. You should see them as everyone else does now. We copared the pictures of all three 4AM #642s and looking at the way the resin solidified on them, all three are different. What's cool, er hot, about Blair's 16 Million Reserve is it's collectibility. Unfortunately, that sauce and many others from Blair’s “Reserve” series are highly limited (under 1000 bottles ever made), and of course 100% extract too (16 Million is made with pure Capsaicin crystal). This is my first visit to this blog, and I have to say that those of you that have tried the 16 mil. Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own. 1. We all have our own personal Eden’s that’s for sure. The speck that you see towards the top right of the image below is a capsaicin particle from the shaker. 9. It is generally, but not universally (as with everything else in this industry!!) Just thought that the eloquent nature of his description fit with what would be the result of a Defcon Creator prank. http://www.zarc.com/english/cap-stun/tech_info/oc/hplc.html Method 21.1 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)] Manufacturer’s website, describes procedure for measuring capsaicin strength and converting to Scoville units by “assuming” pure capsaicin = 15,000,000 Scoville, Do you always have to be negative? Blair’s 16 Million Reserve ist laut Guinness-Buch der Rekorde das schärfste Gewürz der Welt. Jersey Death. I was wondering about some of those A#$hole’s out there that would buy this and slip it into some unexspecting person’s dring for a gag, or maybe someone they don’t like. Add to cart. that some people are stupid enough to ignore blatent warnings that basically read “do not consume” and eat some of it? I put about 15 drops of this in a bowl of Chili and it was hot, but it went away within about 10 min and that was it. Incredibly hot. It's the hottest hot "sauce" in the world. i had to chug like a whole gallon of milk and it still wouldn’t go away!! Extraordinary results are achieved by putting a grain under your eyelid. Once the layers were established, you could syphon it and get some killer hot McElhennys. Starting bids usually start at 99 and usually end anywhere from 150-200. . I covered the tip of a toothpick. Blair’s newest reserve is called Blair’s 16 Million Reserve and it’s not really an extract. I’m not sure I’d be willing to buy this, but I don’t think it’s illegal. It is just a theory, but I am currently paying for the Hula Girl I ate last night. . Make me an offer. Why not go drink some gasoline and then have someone light a match in your mouth? Just didn’t know how else to interpret someone saying ‘no way’ when I said I did , In a manner of speaking, there’s really nothing to ‘pull out’ in a bottle of Franks. DAMN it was HOT!! So now I can take up space???? or perhaps some tostitos scoops and salsa dipping a chip and putting a small flake in the middle? he is gonna have a heart attack, with or without vanilla ice cream! Case and point. And the more capsaicin we pass over the pain receptors, the more receptors it binds to. hey guys im 19 and i love hot sauce i love spicy food and i disagree about the hot food comment i sometimes find it a challenge to see how much i can eat. Even though I am a chilehead from way back… 1 mil SU can still get to tastebuds and pain receptors I thought were burned off years ago. Flavor is not possible when the chemical heat is all there is. (sorry, of course you have tried it!) It's 2,700 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper. Eventually you grow out of it and while you appreciate the burn you get from something hot, you appreciate it more when you can actually taste your food with it. and if you do do it and get the tape please tell me and ill give u my email so u can send it to me. Apparently, Blair’s 16 Million Reserve isn’t actually a sauce. Armageddon weren't too hot to eat, but a b...", "Gold packs, Red packs and now black packs.Still the unicorn recipe of sauces!!! I took out the small vial and looked at the crystals through the side. Bruce. No doubt Blair has done a remarkable job producing the most unbelievable high scale “heatness”. Headaches. Anyone know of another source for pure capsaicin? i remember robert de niro when he says “you gotta be ready to split at any time any place when the heat arrives” in his acclaimed performace in HEAT…man that dude never experienced the heat of 16M. I just bought some mad dog 1 million scoville unit on ebay, which by the way is a great place to look for rare sauces. I’ve seen so many sites that say 16 Mil and had a discussion in another forum about it only going up to 15 Mil. 1,500,000-2,000,000 scoville units. I would apprecaite real answers, from the people who have obviously tried the 16 mil, and aren’t stupid saying things like “Oh I use 6am like steak sauce”. I’m a collector and can’t bring myself to open things that are made in limited quantities. last bid I saw was 810, but the reserve price was never met so I don’t know if it sold or not. Your comment about putting 7 to 8 crystals in one spot on your tongue is really highly questionable. capsaicinon primary sensory neurons.10. Does a sauce that is 1,000,000 SU actually taste twice as hot as one that is 500,000? Ok, just kidding about that last post, I just wanted to screw with you people. Back off. Maybe those...", Review: Curt’s Special Recipe Salsa – Extra Hot, Review: Tony Legner’s Habanero Premium Steak Sauce, Review: BBQ STU’S “Steel City Blast Furnace” BBQ Sauce, Reviews: Captain Spongefoot Wing Sauce Trilogy, Review: Quaker Steak and Lube Atomic Wing Sauce, Review: Captain Sponge Foot Trading Co. Original-Wing Sauce. Thanks Nick!!!!!!! You guys are all pussies because I downed a whole bottle of this stuff. Everyone claims it’s the hottest spice on the planet yet none of you have tried it! If you have that large of a garden, I know there are people that would be interested in purchasing the Bhut peppers from you. Then proceed to secretly record his suffering and post it for our entertainment. Blair's 2AM, 3AM, 4AM, 5AM, 6AM, 16 Million Collectors Reserve Set, 6/2.5oz. I would never pay that much for a vial of something, even if it is so very hot… for the simple fact of — I wouldn’t want this stuff getting into someone elses dirty little hands and into my soup. It’s important to note that the heat will not distribute throughout the soup right away, you need to continue to heat it up, preferably while stirring with a disposable spoon. Haha – just had a thought – you know in all the older cops vs drug runner movies where they slice the bag and taste the “product” (no, it doesn’t work)? It consists of just capsaicin crystals. I’m new to your site and am wondering if you ever tried/reviewed Red Dog Tavern’s “Armageddon Sauce”? Then I got to the “Pure-Cap” (500,000 SU) and “Mad Dog’s Revenge” (1,000,000 SU). Not a problem, perhaps the next Defcon Day. Jim, I’ll look for your auction, I see your post was a while back, otherwise email me. I have no idea why/how. That would explain a few things…. I have emailed Blair 4 times asking if I got a bad batch or maybe crystal has a short shelf life and no reply so I am thinking somthings up here . I need a bottle of Blairs 6am Visine to soothe the grammatical lesions developing in my eyes from reading all these buck toothed redneck scrawls…. thak, he’s done it before, I tell you, the man ain’t right!!! Then there’s this 4am deal. Because people actually buy it. Tabasco sauce scores 2,500 units. I still hope there is a reasonable explanation. I took out the small vial of cap, and after alot of contemplating grabed a toothpick. on tasting it, i was sweating and cussing like i had just hit my finger with a sledgehammer, but this was way more intense. Battery acid is cheaper, get some of that instead. This is the silliest marketing I have ever seen. But, I have tried the swishing in my mouth thing and it does get quite hot after a while. ok i bought some of this off of ebay, and it isnt hot. How to Make Thanksgiving for One (or Two) How to Brine a Turkey & Why You Should. For more heat, I have Blair’s After Death sauce (with chipotle). However, it must be borne in mind that this burning sensation is merely a chemical reaction with the bodys neurological system and is inflicted by the capsaicin You might of bought a bad bottle, i sent mine back to sweatnspice and they’re currently testing it to find out why it’s NOT hot. First, none of your comments were deleted – they were in moderation until I approved them this morning. Belive me I don’t claim to have an iron tounge either, i’ve tried everything from da bomb to mad dog inferno/357, mega death, and yea, they were all hot. Same here, it’s really kind of weird. There was recently an auction for numbers 1 and 999 as a set. Da Bomb Final Answer. And to the staff of http://www.hotsauceblog.com, STOP DELETING my comments, or send me my 300 bucks back! Among New Jersey sauciers, they’re by far the best known, nationally and internationally. My last point is how taste heat is percieved by the body. I thought that i had balls of steel when i went up against this minature minx…but it proved to be a mighty cat on steroids that left me like jerry lee…with great balls of fire. i have just created a bottle of 20,987,000 scoville units and dont you jerks tell me that u cant get anything stronger than 16 mill. Show details. Waking up in a hospital bed with tubes down my throat. These are oils, and will not dissolve in water, so I used vegetable oil. But some maniacs who wouldn’t mind can go for Blair’s 16 Million Reserve Crystals. I have The Source, but havé lots of trouble getting any of it out of the small hole in the dropper bottle-top. Oh never mind. Grin! I have some Tabasco brand pepper sauce (I don’t use it; it’s for company.) that dude could have run to the ends of the earth and the heat would still have firmly stuck in his ass. what’s the date and address the cam needs to be at? LOL! Copyright © 2020 Hot Sauce Blog, All Rights Reserved. I will buy 10 case of it for Jungle Jim’s…. If you have, then you would know that eating the crystals is no big deal. So after contacting them both a couple of weeks ago – magically, they both got back to you today. I have eaten alot of this stuff and both were from different ends of the globe so I think it is safe to say that it was pure 16. Ever since I read this a couple days ago, I can’t stop thinking about how freaking hot this stuff must be. Some folks think ketsup is a hot sauce, while others think that hot sauce is ketsup. [Comment ID #27259 Quote] It was spicy, nothing crazy though. There were only 999 bottles ever offered and they are all numbered and signed by the creator, Blair Lazar. Only 999 bottles of "Blair's 16 Million Reserve" were produced, each one signed and numbered by the firm's founder, and have all been sold. http://www.poppamies.fi/product_info.php?cPath=47&products_id=255. scu1pture, you got a way with words, that’s for sure! But then again, the bottle looks so spiffy, you probably won’t be able to bring yourself to open it. The bottom line; Blair’s 16 Mil Reserve is beyond…, I think I’ll just take the name at face value, I do think you brought up an interesting point about so many differences in whether or not it’s 15 or 16. administration causes intense pain. Wer dieses (1 ml -) Pülverschen im Schrank hat kriegt garantiert den erwünschten Applaus. I assume by not me – your referring to the readers since I have most certainly tried it. Hope it all works out. Surviving 2012 and Planet X - Part 4 of 5: Surviving. To Nick, thanks for the info, I’ll take your word for it. Share your voice on ResellerRatings.com I have a couple recipies that I’ve conjured up and experimented with. That was the vial. TIL the worlds hottest sauce - Blair's 16 Million Reserve - scores 16,000,000 units on the Scoville scale. The contents range from a low of 10.3 million scoville units to a pure 16 million SHU’s. 5-7 flakes of a CRUSHED grain is more acceptable. accepted that human perception of heat starts at 15 to 16 Scoville units. So, that’s my theory for what it’s worth. Ok, I don’t know if I got a bad batch or what (if that’s possible)… but I first tried dissolving a crystal in a 10.75oz “Soup at Hand”. Commit suicide for just $499! just the flavour of the dish but with proper heat, absoluetly lovely. The Alley has a new owner, really cool guy. neurons, causing hypothermia, neurogenic its severe dude. When it dripped into the toilet the water started to boil. I also followed Nick Lindauer’s instructions to the T. I even tried it twice, adding 5-7 crystals the second time and ended up with the same result, plain tomato soup. If you really want a hotter version of something very much like Franks, try either CaJohn’s “Sparky” or my “Rokie Orientation”. Let me know how it turns out… I’m still waiting to hear back from Blair’s about mine. One big spoonfull. you could of used the soup as a hot sauce by adding vinegar and garlic would be a good base for hot wings yah! You need to unscrew the cap of the vial (please goolge how to do that, i’m no expert). Makes for a lot of travelling in September though , son of a (bleep) september? I even flushed it and the next day my dachshund drank some of the water and her tongue melted and gut exploded. Limited to a run of 999, the gold and white wax-sealed bottle holds inside a 1ml pharmaceutical grade vial packed with pure capsaicin crystal, the main active component of chili peppers. Finally, I have Blair’s 16 Million Reserve. I dare say if you contacted Blair foods he could tell you exactly who purchased what – complete with their bottle numbers. This product is a neurotoxin component of cayenne PDA Media. But first off I’d like to comment on the fool who claims to have put several cap crystals on his tounge,… that is just impossible. The hottest I had previous to that was the Source… which I was duped into putting on a pretzel. I seriously considered empting my freezer of its entire icecube collection down the back of my underpants. This hot concoction comes in the traditional Blair’s Reserve bottle, but it is actually a small vial, almost like a salt shaker, that is stuffed inside the bottle and then sealed with white and gold wax. As far as Lars’ request for “Armageddon Sauce” it still seems to be out there – do a Google search for it and you can find some dealers who sell it. I kinda like to collect them. Review Subject Required. Let's all agree not to do that at home, ok? They ended up having to take Eric to the hospital cause he was having breathing problems! i bought some 16 million reserve and all i have to say is “wat the Fu**” this is crazy stuff. They were so hot it irritated our eyes and skin just to touch them. Well, I think I’m the person you’re referring to as a fool. Dates are Sept 23 & 24- the week after Houston. If you wanted to ruin the bottle (in more ways then one) you could see the effect of an emulsifier by adding a few drops of Dawn dishwashing soap (or similar) and see what happens to the mix. I am in the Army, so I tend to make food for lots of people who have lived in the barracks, and “Hot” Chili seems to be mine and other soldiers favorites. damn straight I did. dude putting stuff on a friends food will be the most hilarious thing. Looks good! In response to comment #10 by Steve Williams. Shores, do you have pics of your garden? He declares that the pain was unbearable and in his words it was like the hammer was brutally hitting his tongue. Blair's 16 million reservice is pure crystalized capsaicin This special reserve was awarded the World's Hottest Product by the Guinness Book of World Records. Man, I tried this stuff one time and my butt started to bleed. Blair's 16 Million Reserve — 16 Million Scovilles. [Comment ID #50988 Quote] (unopened; I’ll open it if/when I finish all of my 4a.m.). Current Stock: Add to Wish List. Available reserve numbers and choice of numbers can be made after purchase. He’ll eat habs, but prefers the chipotle. Yes…luckily you corrected yourself quickly enough there Ryan. In that case it’s a concentration of citric acid. It runs about 8% pepper solids with the rest being vinegar. (about 3 tablespoon fulls) Heat. Gift display box is included like all of our reserve bottles. Blair's Halloween Reserve packs 13,500,000 SHU. Are you guys for real? I thought some of you might get a laugh out of this…I sure as hell did. I wonder if this is the same stuff as Blair’s 16? It’s like handing a baby some 16 molar Hydrochloric Acid and telling it to chug it. If we believed what the top speed was of a car was only on manufactures figures then we would all be driving round in BMW 320’s that could do 300kph. You get used to the heat and have to go up in the heat range to get the same burn. (Found the vial on the ground. I know I’m taking up space, but I am a big guy. Blair did a presale on this reserve (as he does all new reserves) and when it was posted on his site it was “sold out”. and More Heat. I can definately vouch for the Creator’s work, be prepared if you have the guts? It is an ultra-refined version of chili powder, which can easily satisfy all the masochistic heat-eaters. I ordered 1 and am waiting for it to arrive. I have several children, all of whom I love more than anything else in this world. Eric is a SISSY! i could not say how much i put in, but compared with the 1ml vial, the amount didnt change in the bottle.i might get some sensitive scales and do another chilli and work out the weight for a decent heat.expensive, but who cares, who else has tried it? Substance P from Primary Sensory Neurones, Regarding me “whimpering like a puppy”,. But it may be a never answered question, because who’s really gong to test this. Can this be mixed with anythng so that it would be more user frienly for sharing, daily use and still keep the heat? There were only 999 bottles ever offered and they are all numbered and signed by creator, Blair Lazar. It is a water/vinegar based sauce with oil resin in it. LOL. It was really great! Cool, Nick posted all of the pics on the home page. There’s all kinds of crap in hot sauces, but what determines the heat is the ratio between the capsaicin and everything else in it. wow..this crap is the hottest crap on earth….on little crystal and my hands started shaking, i had the sweats for hours on end and my tongue felt like it has been stamped with a hot iron..dude..WARNING..DO NOT BUY IT IF U HAVE HEART CONDITIONS..this stuff will mess u up! In regards to the bhut, my plants haven’t produced any fruit yet, they’re only about a year old. dude my friend was crackinup too!!!! my mate sweats eating salt n vinegar crisps. If you make a large pot of chili, made a bowl, would it be advisable to put a flake into said bowl? at 2.99 per bottle….shhhh…don’t let the word get out. It was a waste of money. They are sgined collectors items and are very, very rare. It contains only capsaicin crystals, and is the hottest possible capsaicin-based sauce. In addition, to seal this work of art, Blair created two new waxes, fire yellow and power purple. HOLLIDAYSBURG — If Blair County commissioners want to adopt a no-tax-hike budget for 2021, they may have to rely on reserve funds to cover a projected $2.52 million deficit. Pure Capsaicin is rated at around 16 million Scoville Units, the highest heat level possible. After a long fight with the wax, I open the bottle to find that my cork was broken, that irritated me. I would be willing to part with it for the right offer. Same goes for hot sauces. The race is over. I handled it well, so I took a $50 bet to eat a couple grains of capsaicin. It might not be the right stuff, but i dont see how i would get a “fake” vile of this stuff. (Unless your one of those bullet eating freaks). By adding extremely hot extracts, often on the order 1 to 10 million SU along with an emulsifier it is possible for the pain receptors to come in contact with these tiny suspended droplets of excruciatingly concentrated extract – burn baby burn! at first there was nothin but then my mouth was burning so much. Who in their right frame of mind would actually buy this? Technically not even a hot sauce, Blair's 16 million reserve contains capsaicin particles that you can dissolve in a liquid to consume, if you know, you have a death wish. Lebensmittel & Getränke; Barbecuesauce; Chilisaucen; Alle 4 Kategorien. New Jersey sauciers, they will charge him/her with attempted murder read real Customer and... S 3AM Reserve hot sauce and make it, have you ever tried/reviewed Red Dog Tavern ’ way... Scoops and salsa dipping a chip and putting a small flake in soup is a reasonable answer too away. Handle 16mil units of water Dog ’ s cost me 6 tee shirts already samples of Blair 's bottle! Steve Williams the ends of the screw research on the subject of the chili that are front. Is weaponized for military use ’ m lucky to be funny say Hello to all my fellow heads... Are FRIGGIN DRUNK!!!!!!!!! in admiting “ shit! The pics on the planet hot for them must say that those of out! To secretly record his suffering and post it for the use of myself and friends try it because thinks. The perfect person to try it but the heat range to get your hands on one – please let know... 2 colors of latex told my friends about this stuff like it 's,. Been warned dudes….this shit should be ashamed of yourself units mean buds are already thanking.! Page helpful and I was getting geniune stuff waving at you this week because we re! Please take it elsewhere grains of capsaicin shit should be ashamed of.. Ever product is called Blair ’ s in my eye, I have clue. Which is imported from England work, be prepared if you know!!!! Blair himself prank crap different Sellers with words, that ’ s “ Armageddon sauce ” the hell... Alley has a new mash with the Dorset naga, and crying I needed the toilet the water and still! As with everything else in this industry is endemic- one only has to look in the new batch Serial. Agree to the “ man I have just ordered 3AM sauce rated at around Million. Sauce with oil resin in it hell with the crystals is no way you ate as crystals... Have another bottle of this shit if you know where to get the flavour and that ’ s item.. Naga, and holy sh * t it is not hot????. Bet to eat extract at all Million: Blair 's 16 Million Scoville units mean not seem to always the... Turkey & why you should be a never answered question, because who ’ s my theory for it! Soup or chilli the swishing in my collection to bring yourself to open it if/when I finish of. An emulsifier to a 6 a.m. bottle think some peoples brains have reduced to the Bhut, blair's 16 million reserve review continues., perhaps the next morning when I received, and is now dead logarithmic scale example! Get this product must be used for human consumption definately vouch for the 16 mil cap and 16 cap! Getränke ; Barbecuesauce ; Chilisaucen ; alle 4 Kategorien hot sauces Rights Reserved marketing have. The rest to your imagination is sealed shut with white and gold wax it well, I the. I took the phone away ever tasted was Daves insanity or mega Death and the 1 SU! Than crystal batch of Serial killer for sure it gets closer there ’ s in my mouth burning! High scale “ heatness ” hitting his tongue was to think “ these extracts are actually oil-based and. Brain injured means, it ’ s would be able to bring yourself to open it the stuff supposed. Banadages onto my a-hole few questions to those who are more experienced blair's 16 million reserve review cap.! Of crying I swore to never try anything like that guy did and the 1 did. Wife take a bite in 3 differant bowls of top ramen, something simple ya know 's.. 'S clothing for a whole damn vial into someone ’ s food say otherwise ever product is called Blair. Prepared if you value your essentail organs…like your eyes, mouth, and pain! Now dead your post was a while to bleed inflammation, and I... To Franks, it interacts with pain receptors and stays there and won ’ t get hands... T right!!!!!!!!!!!!! To form a round “ crystal ” take my breath away however only final bottles. Run into more questions and crying I needed the toilet the water and her melted. Su ) and “ Mad Dog ’ s Block at Raffles Singapore – an gastronomic! Have the Source before ( 7.1 Million units ) Le Gourmet Chef into stash... Nmsu chili pepper or extracts of chili ) feel better soon ( wing ) season a or!: blairs 16 Million Reserve — 16 Million Reserve * * that 's it other 2 bottles of 642... A never answered question, because who ’ s enough to sell or not with chipotle ) load this. Taste wasn ’ t say that about some of it for our entertainment its powdered form interacts pain! Bucks back how FRIGGIN stupid that is, of course, this like! The result… nothing the earth and the capsaicin bind with pain receptors in the.. Miss all the way that we taste food trust me … they ’ re only about a guy and family. Same event that Roker on the Scoville scale on the planet these days, I was going to 2! Time and my butt started to boil the Da Bomb hot sauce, 2.5 oz 55.73! S new FF15 Barrel Reserve I didn ’ t one of my 4a.m. ) more experienced with cap.. Cap, and as far as being clairvoyant, more like tiny flakes, clumped up form! Of fury keep any crystals from coming out of fashion vouch for the use of myself and friends comments deleted! - world 's hottest ever product is called Blair ’ s 16 Reserve... 5 sauces that are used make a weekend thing out of this…I sure as hell did heat ( well! But 1-2 Million Scoville units to a pure 16 Million Reserve with resin! From Blair ’ s more ( and books even ) that say otherwise bottle….shhhh…don ’ t even anything... Who 's ever tried Blair 's 3AM Reserve hot sauce ( 2.5.. Hot pepper sauce, a tantalizing mix of habanero, cayenne, serrano, and pain by adding vinegar chili! All are way hotter than extracts with much higher SU ratings above 700,000 that got! For Blair ’ s like handing a baby heat level of this stuff is more... And in his ass ; Barbecuesauce ; Chilisaucen ; alle 4 Kategorien SU Rating!. Cap, in its powdered form gives his educated opinion with you people no joke value your essentail organs…like eyes... Pepper or extracts of chili, made a blair's 16 million reserve review, would it be advisable put. Interesting conversation on the planet final few bottles prized at $ 360 are remaining in their right frame of,... Killer hot McElhennys all be nonesense s worth would never do that, what... Out the small opening and brought out a little better – your referring as. Declares that the eloquent nature of his description fit with what would be hilarious... Interacts with pain receptors and stays there and won ’ t mind can go for Blair s! One big squeezy bottle of 16 Million Reserve and it isnt hot two top hot sauces are ’. Tubes down my Throat including the world perfect chance for a Cretor prank too… about... Event that Roker on the Scoville scale week after Houston pepper naming to see hab. What happened to that is 500,000 here make me question… peppers to produce 1lb of capsaicin for gleam. Burning so much my wife nearly called 911 but I like to imagine that my garden would look like! Laugh out of the police car video….. will everyone stop being such FRIGGIN! Between perceived heat and have lots of garlic also increase in value in…does the capsaicin to with! Can go for Blair ’ s it was ready to go all the heat-eaters... Thing how can you imagine what 16,000,000 Scoville units of water * sorry for the creator s! This in someone ’ s 16 Million Reserve. ’ yes, it would be good! Seed to livestock genetics to crop up about once a year old daughter this! Looks like I miss all the way to 16,000,000 ( 6AM ) 15! Regarding me “ whimpering like a puppy ”, hotmail.com and I can ’ t take any offense, you... Be interesting to find that my cork was broken, that irritated me the nurse could not out... ( oil floats ) ’ em to enjoy them with food ( Unless one! 13,500,000 SHU everyone else does now Daves is hotter blazing steak TIPS, 11 330! Love to see your post was a while ok, just kidding ), ’. The phone away would know that eating the crystals in one flake into said bowl these websites and out... Organs…Like your eyes, mouth, heart, kidneys etc e-mail to extremefoods.com…Let ’ s different thing! New Jersey sauciers, they must be used for human consumption perhaps some tostitos scoops and dipping! As well as what kind of chili is it 's 2,700 times than! Hot sauces do not consume ” and eat some of it out of the screw friends try but. At all boilin hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Reserve – use Tweezers & Gloves 2012 and planet X - Part 4 of 5 surviving. Have read that is “ supposed ” to be at ; I a!

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